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CheerLeadership Tip 39 - No “Flags on This Play” Flowers

Imagine the surprise and buzz you’ll create first thing in the morning when everyone shows up to a beautiful fresh daisy, carnation or rose on their desk? Your endorphins will kick in

with the rush of knowing you delivered the anonymous flower power. You don’t need to provide vases. Your crew will find a way to display this unexpected treasure—even an empty water bottle will work!

Did you know that research has shown that keeping plants and flowers in the workplace stimulates the minds of workers by helping them concentrate, leading to more accurate and higher-quality work? Additionally, flowers stimulate social trust in many ways. They communicate the intention to invest effort in a relationship. What a great message to send those we lead!

A recent report found that less than 50% of lower-level (nonexecutive, nonmanagerial) employees trust the companies they work for. When there is a lack of trust in the workplace, collaboration suffers, productivity decreases, morale falls, engagement levels plummet, and tension builds. Since employees are powerful advocates for the organization (not just to customers and prospects, but also to potential new hires), it is imperative that those in leadership roles act ethically and work to instill trust in those on their teams.

It may sound over-simplified, but one way to build trust is through fresh flowers! As I mentioned above, flowers can convey a powerful message that the person giving the flower is invested in building a strong relationship with the recipient. When leaders show that they are being intentional about creating an honest, transparent foundation with their employees, trust is sure to follow.

This week, I challenge you to research some places you could get flowers for those on your team. Perhaps your local grocery store has a “3 bouquets for $10” promo. Or maybe a florist close to the office offers a discount on flowers by the stem. You could hand them out as your team comes into the office first thing or you could find a time to “sneak” the flower on to each of your team member’s desks. After all, who doesn’t love a sweet-smelling surprise?!

FUN FACT: Flowers elevate mood through color — the effects of colors on the brain are well-known. Yellow, peach, warm pink, and subtle greens are nurturing colors. Pinks and purples send a message of comfort and nostalgia. Reds, oranges, and hot pinks are passionate. Blues, greens, and purples are calming and relaxing colors. A variety of bright and bold-colored flowers sends a message of celebration.


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