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“In my 20+ years in corporate training, Jan is one of the most engaging story-tellers and facilitators that I have observed in my career!”
– Lynn Higgison,
Owner, Opportunity Knocks
Client Allstate Insurance
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Jan is committed to helping organizations and associations operate at peak efficiency. You’ll be surprised when your staff actually enjoyed training with Jan and requests that they have more time with her! Her unique, high-energy style combined with her uncanny ability to achieve participant buy-in for implementation makes her an amazing investment. She offers a variety of training services, including full, half-day and long term workshops to improve sales and customer service, increase operational efficiency, and promote teamwork, effective communication and collaboration.

99% “Take action” rate of participants who walk away with at least one action
item they will implement immediately!  
Sales Training: Mindset, Technique, and Behaviors©
Lack of effective communication and sales skills and processes can lead to frustrated employees, lost prospects, and wasted time, which all lead to wasted resources and dollars. Jan dares to be different, so this is not your cookie-cutter, old-fashioned, "overcome the objections" type of approach to sales. She specializes in transferring her 30 years of sales and business experience to a customized, actionable game plan for your organization. Through uncovering what the REAL obstacles are, setting a plan to overcome those, and being held accountable with using new mindsets and techniques, your team will escalate their closing ratio and catapult your sales and business forward!
  • Mindset & gaps - self-evaluation of gaps and areas for improvement.

  • Overview of systems - outline of current selling system and challenges that may be causing gaps in closing more business.

  • Technique - focus on distinct sales techniques and skill sets based on specific needs; refresher of the foundational principles of communications and the sales process.

  • Behaviors - create a solidified plan to maintain the appropriate level of activity to reach sales goals.


Training may include topics such as: 

  • Building rapport, listening skills, and questioning techniques

  • Avoiding leaving others in “mind reading” mode

  • Overcoming resistance without defensiveness

  • Creating a focused and results-oriented conversational goal

  • Redirecting conversations that have gone “off track”

  • Communicating the right verbal and nonverbal language in different situations

  • Assessing different communication styles and learning how to respond to those

Financial Training

As a certified Crown Financial seminar instructor, Jan helps individuals and companies evaluate their current financial situation and create a new spending plan to get their finances in order therefore improving their overall financial health. Participants gain helpful tips and techniques for managing their finances in every category and at every life stage.

"Journey to True Financial Freedom"
Crown Financial Ministries seminar on how to apply the wisdom of the Bible in everyday financial decision-making. Participants walk away with a personalized plan for managing personal finances. Ideal for any secular or faith-based organization looking to strengthen the financial health of its members.

"Business by the Book"
Crown Financial Ministries seminar on managing a company by biblical principles including everything from collections, credit, how to pay employees to family dynamics in the marketplace. Ideal for management and owners in faith-based workplaces.

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