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Jaime Spuhler Jan Spence Associate
Jan Spence Associate



Jaime Spuhler is the Chief Rock Star with Jan Spence & Associates. She is responsible for social media management, marketing assistance, RFP management, and generally keeping the well-oiled machine that is Jan Spence & Associates running smoothly. With over 10 years experience in marketing, communications, and public relations and a keen eye for detail, she is familiar with all aspects of the speaking process from both the speaker side and the event planner side. She’s proud to help fulfill the mission of Jan Spence and Associates of helping individuals and organizations focus on their purpose and core values so they can reach their full potential and live meaningful, purposeful lives.


Jaime studied communications with an emphasis on public relations at the University of North Florida. A born and bred Floridian, she is a die hard Florida Gators fan who enjoys reading, photography and exploring the great outdoors with her fiancee and their vivacious toddler.


Jenny Horton has over 30 years of creative development, advertising agency management, media strategy experience and expertise. She has been recognized regionally for her work and her responsibilities include development of creative concepts, art direction, graphic design, copywriting and media planning. 

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