Speaking Topics

"It's Game Time! Leadership Lessons from a Former Pro Female Football Player" 

Words have profound power; they can lift someone up or tear someone down. Jan Spence shares how pursuing her life-long dream of playing professional football led to the unexpected opportunity to affect change through encouraging words and simple actions. Applying her  “Cheer Leadership™” approach in the workplace builds stronger connections, increases employee engagement and loyalty, and fosters collaboration and innovation. These invaluable lessons transform employee and customer relations and create more synergy among leadership and the people they manage.

After this session, attendees will be able to:
1. Implement practical ways to encourage others.
2. Discover and use their unique gifts in the workplace and with customers and prospects.
3. Find new opportunities to connect with employees, colleagues, and clients in a distinctive way to increase engagement.


"Dare to be Different! 3 Keys for Goal-setting Success"  
Research shows that only 4% of people meet their goals each year. Part of the issue may be that using an old, traditional approach to goal-setting often leads to mounting frustration and undue stress. In this interactive, high-energy session, Jan Spence will provide participants with a fresh, innovative perspective on how to develop a game plan and maintain momentum to achieve their goals and objectives. Attendees will learn and implement her easy step-by-step process right away and also share these techniques with others to promote further success. Participants will learn new ways to empower themselves and others to get rid of unnecessary roadblocks, focus on what makes them successful, and then capitalize on these new methods. Based on Jan’s extensive experience helping organizations, associations, and individuals explore their full potential, she will expose attendees to a different approach to goal-planning.

Through this presentation, attendees will:
1. Identify core values to set new benchmarks for their own personal and professional growth and development
2. Apply Jan’s proprietary “Target ABC” method of goal-setting

3. Set at least one goal using new methods by the end of the session.

Harmony Through Teamwork! Improving Communication in the Workplace

For the first time ever, there are five different generations in the workforce. Each generation has their own style of communicating and varying expectations for workplace interactions. Regardless of industry, location, or company size, ineffective communications can obstruct information, hinder collaboration, and negatively impact employee satisfaction. In this highly interactive, high-energy keynote, Jan Spence will use her vast knowledge helping companies and individuals take their teamwork, listening, and communication skills to the next level by sharing tips on how to set established protocols and clear processes of communication, thus increasing employee engagement and overall productivity. By the end of the session, participants will have the necessary tools they can implement immediately to successfully navigate the varying and unique needs of a multi-generational workforce.

Participants will:
1. Implement tools and techniques to create synergy among the different generations when communicating.
2. Create more productive interactions in the workforce to increase overall engagement levels.
3. Learn how to apply Jan’s “ARC method” to be more succinct and minimize wasted time

You Can't Walk Through the Pigpen Without Getting Mud on Your Feet - The 3 “Musts” of Self-care

Through the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many individuals get so caught up in serving others that they often overlook crucial self-care treatment. This highly interactive, engaging and uplifting workshop will help these individuals explore areas where fatigue may occur. Jan Spence will share her experience running a rape crisis center and how she helped individuals maintain a healthy balance between service to others and home and personal life. This program will provide refreshing new mindsets and tools to help prevent burnout. During the course, the participants will engage in group exercises and discussions to increase self-awareness by exploring their own limitations, challenges and struggles with maintaining a balance between balancing work and professional duties with self-care.

After this session, attendees will:

1. Identify vulnerable areas and symptoms of burnout, stress, and lack of self-care.
2. Learn to set effective boundaries at work with coworkers, partners, and at home.
3. Implement strategies to maintain their own physical, personal, spiritual and mental health in order to ensure professional effectiveness.

The Experts Guide to Business Growth - 5 Steps for

Cold-calling Success

In today’s digital world, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. Consider some of the statistics - there are roughly 500 million tweets per day, consumers are exposed to as many as 5,000 ads per day, and there are 40 million active small business Pages on Facebook. Between social media noise, generational differences, and 24/7 access to information, cultivating a customer and prospect base with just old-fashioned phone calls is not enough. In this high energy, informative session, Jan Spence will tie her experience of the challenge of pursuing her lifelong dream of playing professional women’s full-tackle football to the challenges many professionals face in engaging new prospects and building a personal connection with existing clients. Drawing from her extensive marketing, communication and sales experience, Jan will provide attendees with a 5 step process to shift their mindsets in regards to staying connected to customers and potential clients. Learning from her years of perfecting these skills, participants will walk away with a fresh perspective to round out their growth plan for their business. They will have innovative, concrete tools to use to stay in front of customers and engage with prospective clients in a relevant, meaningful way implementing her easy to use method.

Attendees will:
1. Learn how to apply 5 tips to develop a special rapport with customers and prospects.
2. Calculate their own “Recipe for Success” to increase their sales using her trackable formula.

3. Identify where their customers are and how to best connect with them.


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