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“The training you facilitated for my team over a year ago has had a tremendous impact on breaking down peer-to-peer as well as employee-to-manager communication barriers.  This open communication has strengthened the team’s cohesion and performance. Thank you!”
– Adrienne Herndon, Manager,
Black Knight Financial Services
Walmart Client
Frito Lay client
Pillsbury Client



Leveraging her extensive business, franchise, marketing, and sales experience, Jan helps organizations and individuals take their businesses to the next level through strategic consulting. She is known for “getting her hands dirty” and truly digging in with the client’s business to understand their challenges so she can bring creative solutions to the table.  It’s not unusual to

find Jan packing boxes, making sales calls or working side-by-side with a staff member to do what she does best – CREATE RESULTS!

We increased our average

closing ratio from 50% to 85%.


– Terry W., President, Advanced Fryer Solutions, LLC



With her one-on-one coaching sessions, Jan works with individual team members to develop a short- and long-range plan for business growth and development and creates defined success points to track progress.

CTS Sales Online Assessments

Jan Spence and Associates are Certified Advisors for the Recruit the Best system.  Customers consistently recruit their best salespeople, get them ramped up quickly, and increase over-all retention using our proven methods. Jan's clients will tell you that this recruiting system not only saves them thousands of dollars, but also makes their job as a sales leader more productive and fulfilling.


• What do you need to do differently in 2024 to make more sales?

• How do you gain insight into those things you can’t see?    
Accurate diagnosis leads to real change. There are things about
our personality that we can’t see that are holding us back from
maximum sales production. Without insight into our blind spots, we cannot accurately diagnose the reasons we are not hitting our goals. The CTS Sales Profile will give you insight into areas of your personality that may be impacting.

Click here to purchase the CTS Sales Profile.

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