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(Kindle ebook) Are you a business leader who struggles to engage and retain your employees? Do you have managers who are spinning their wheels trying to motivate their staff with little budget to train them? Are your efforts to relate to a multi-generational workforce and gain loyalty leaving you frustrated? Cheer on Your Team!: 52 Tips to Increase Employee Retention, Engagement, and Loyalty guides you through simple, practical ways to connect with, acknowledge and elevate your staff to increase productivity, creativity and morale. Author Jan Spence’s remarkable experience of trying out for a women’s pro full-tackle football team taught her how the power of words and encouragement can transform a group of strangers. She watched in amazement as morale and performance flourished in a matter of minutes. By implementing this easy and effective Cheer Leadership approach, your team will excel on the field and become more engaged and increasingly loyal to you.

Cheer on Your Team! 52 Tips to Increase Employee Retention & Loyalty eBook

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