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A “best practice system” for recruiting and retaining the best salespeople. The 3 profitable reasons to read this book, then put it to use...

1. Only one of your last three recruits lasted a year. You're frustrated - they looked good and sounded good - but they couldn't sell.
2. You want to know...
WHERE to find the best salespeople to interview.
WHAT to look for when interviewing
HOW to look for traits and skills. Secrets of great interviewers

3.You want to learn to ...
- See through the spin during the interview
- Understand the real reasons people look good and sound good but can t sell
- Increase profits by retaining the Best Salespeople
- Experience quicker ramp-up times for new reps
- Coach with less effort and greater impact
- Grow from a GOOD sales leader to a GREAT sales leader

Can They Sell Book

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