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Why Expressing Appreciation (At Work AND at Home) is So Important

The past few weeks, we’ve explored various tips and techniques that can be used to increase goal-setting success. Today, we’re taking a different tack and talking about recognition and appreciation, which is rather fitting since it is National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week!

A quick Google search will show you tons of information and reports highlighting the dismal state of employee engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction across today’s workforce. On the flip side, research has found that organizations with a strong focus on recognition experience stronger engagement levels, increased employee morale, better customer service, and lower turnover. Acknowledging achievement can have serious ROI – to the tune of 50% higher productivity and as much as 20% increase in business outcomes.

One simple way to express gratitude and appreciation for the hard work your team does? Write them thank you notes! It doesn’t have to be a Shakespearean sonnet filled with flowery language. A few sentences expressing your sincere thoughts on how the work they do is contributing to the overall success of the team, department, and organization is more than enough. Knowing that they are appreciated will boost your team’s morale, engagement, loyalty, and overall connection to you as their leader. If you don’t have your team members mailing addresses handy, be sure to ask them for that info or you check with your HR department if you want to keep the notes a surprise.

Switching gears to a more personal perspective, think about the people in your everyday life that could benefit from a dose of appreciation. It could be something as simple as writing a thank you note to your child when they actually clean up their room without you having to ask 1,527 times! Or jotting a quick message to your spouse, expressing gratitude for the delicious meal they cooked (or changing the oil in your car or mowing the lawn or taking the effort to spend quality time with you after a busy day...whatever their love language is!). There are a myriad of people outside your immediate family you can acknowledge as well, such as the mailman, your pharmacist, doctor, or other healthcare professional, your hairdresser or manicurist, the server at your favorite restaurant you regularly frequent, or your child’s teacher or sports coach.

This week, I challenge you to take five minutes to think of a few people you could write thank notes to. Stop by your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Store, pick up a 10-pack of cards and a roll of stamps, and start writing! If you want to add a bit of artistry and flair to your notes, check out apps like Felt, Postgram, Handwrytten, Punkpost, or Chatbooks. No matter how simple or fancy your message is, it is sure to spark a smile on the recipients face! After all, feeling appreciated strengthens the bond between people. Plus, it’s always fun to get something personal in the mail! After all, what do we open first? A bill, the advertisement, or a handwritten note? The note of course!

BONUS: Here’s an additional challenge for this week! Send ME a handwritten note to 14001 Cashon Falls Ct., Jacksonville, FL. 32224 and you could be featured on a future blog or social media post.


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