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Cheer Leadership Tip 13 - Send a Meal Sweep

Got a co-worker out on injured reserve for a few days? We all love the comfort of chicken noodle soup when we’re under the weather. No need to mess up the kitchen to be intentional about this Cheer Leadership tip. It’s easy to send a hot bowl right to the worker’s doorstep. Just go online and schedule the home delivery within minutes. Panera Bread Company restaurant has great chicken noodle soup and provides delivery within certain areas for a nominal $3 fee. There are many other general delivery services available such as: • Doorstep Delivery ( • GrubHub ( • Bite Squad ( • DoorDash ( • UberEats (

If you’re able to let Jacinda know food is on its way, even better! If not, imagine her surprise that you took the time to care when she was out of the office. Here are three great options to make scheduling meals easier than ever! • • •

Did you know that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US workers on average receive 7 days of sick leave per year after one year of employment. However, one report found that more than 25% of workers surveyed said they always go to work when they are ill.

US workers have long had a “work hard, play hard” mentality. Many workers feel they will be looked down upon or viewed as unreliable if they stay home sick or aren’t visible in the office because they have to take care of a sick child, parent, or other relative. This can of course have far-reaching consequences, from spreading illness to other healthy employees to a breakdown in morale and loyalty to the organization. Be a leader that supports and encourages employees to stay home and rest and recover when they are sick. Remember, this positive behavior is contagious, but the flu is more contagious, so spread the positivity and not the germs!

Take it one step further and let your employee who are dealing with a medical situation know that you are behind them by sending them some “get well soon” goodies, whether that be a bottle of gingerale, a frozen pre-made meal, or even some yummy chocolates or other sweet treats (as long as they don’t have the stomach bug of course!). With the myriad of online food delivery services available, all it takes is 2 minutes and a few clicks of your mouse!

This week, I challenge you to send a fruit basket to the colleague whose family member is having surgery; order a sandwich tray for the couple who just welcomed a newborn; or deliver some chicken noodle soup to the employee who is out sick. This small act will lift their spirits and let them know that you value them not just as an employee or colleague, but also as a human being who has a life outside of work.

FUN FACT: In 2016, the US food delivery market was valued at approximately $83 billion! And it is predicted that by 2020, restaurants who don’t offer online food ordering and delivery will lose over 70% of their customers.

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