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A Special Video Tribute to My Father

Please enjoy this video tribute for my father on the anniversary of his passing. One of the neat things that I remember among many was that he was intentional about remembering people’s names. When someone new visited the church, he would learn their name and would recall it the next week when they came back. People were so impressed because they felt important, noticed, acknowledged, and accepted. I have no doubt that, in addition to his amazing gift of communicating from the pulpit and strong administration skills, this is one of the key reasons he was the fastest growing church in South Georgia for years. He then went on to lead the largest church and then become a District superintendent to lead others.

In today’s world where people struggle to get noticed or feel marginalized, something as simple as noticing, remembering, and calling people by their name can help them feel included and loved. It costs nothing, but has a powerful impact in our connections with others. We should take a lesson from Daddy and continue to do the same.


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