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MPI North Florida Chapter September 2016 Newsletter MEMBER SPOTLIGHT

Before she was two years old, Jan Spence could speak in complete sentences. Understanding how powerful words could be Jan was determined to become a motivational speaker. It was her dream job, and today, she gets to live it every single day.

As soon as Jan graduated from college she began working for a nonprofit organization and starting honing her craft. Sales became her area of expertise due to her outgoing personality and warm demeanor that enticed people and cultivated business relationships. She knew how to connect with people and how to understand their needs.

Having the ability to connect with people from all walks of life, Jan knew she was destined for something other than sales. So, she decided to open a small business focused on consulting and training. Jan loved training people and making a positive impact on each client’s personal and professional development.
After a few years, Jan quickly realized she was handling more business development and missed talking to people. So, she finally decided to pursue her dream job.

Five years later, Jan’s motivational speeches are highly sought after. From financial seminars to keynote speeches about goal setting, Jan’s portfolio can be customized for any client. Her interactive approach keeps people engaged and leaves a lasting impression.

So how did Jan become such an accomplished speaker?

Some would say it’s her personality, some would say it’s her love of talking, but really it comes down to her unique life experiences. Jan isn’t afraid to chase her dreams or take risks. From playing professional national women’s football for the Jacksonville Dixie Blues to eating a sea urchin, Jan has experienced a lot but remains passionate about learning and exploring. While she’s traveled to Europe, Central and South America, Jan still hopes to visit Russia, Asia, Antarctica and Thailand. Seeing the march of the penguins and riding an elephant are at the top of her bucket list. Jan excels at finding ways to connect with people, whether it’s a local in an eclectic restaurant in the middle of Europe or someone in her Bunco group, Jan is constantly building relationships and leaving a positive change in the world.

If you need to be inspired, look no further than Jan Spence.

Submitted by Andrea Nolan, US Assure


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