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"Jan was a great teacher and mentor. I cannot say enough about her methods. I have taken many sales courses and she by far has been the most effective I have attended."
                                    – Rick C.

"Jan is an energizer

who brings determination to continually work toward new accounts no matter where we are or what we are doing.  Her consistency and process-oriented approach made it easy for me to learn from her experience. Her ability to dodge objections and win over prospects and get business was unlike anything I've seen before.  By keeping control and not give in while building rapport to get the big fish was impressive."

                         – DM, Arizona

"It is a pleasure to be able to learn from a war-proven veteran. Jan, you are a class act. I know future franchisees will benefit more than us, because without a doubt you will continue to better than your current greatness." 
                           – Van Nguyen.

                  FiltaFry Trainee, CA

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  • You haven’t made a cold call in forever… especially over the phone

  • You’re in a sales position, but fear for your job because your prospects are MORE than 6 ft away.

  • You're afraid you’ll appear sleazy if you try and connect with prospects (and even customers) during this time.

  • You feel that cold-calling is a waste of time because no one will answer the phone anyway. And, if they do, they just hang up on you!


Jan’s 14-Day Prospecting Challenge: From Sleaze to Eaze provides you with three keys to effectively and consistently make phone prospecting calls in our current selling climate.


You will:

1. Adjust your mindset to overcome the fear of picking up the phone.

2. Get committed to regular daily prospecting activity.

3. Learn the tools to get and keep a prospect on the phone and talking.


I started my sales career at age 10 selling donuts for summer camp. After selling vacuum-cleaners door-to-door at age 18, I then consulted with international companies such as Walmart, Pillsbury and Frito-Lay. I even bought, built and sold a franchise business with a 300% ROI just as recession hit.  As a TEDx speaker, “Franchisee of the Year” award winner, and top-selling producer, I share the very mindset, actions and tools I used to be successful in these roles during a recession in this program.  And, you can apply them, too, even in this current climate.

In just 14 days, you will:

1. Eliminate the fear of cold-calling.

2. Crush the procrastination that keeps you watching

“The Price is Right” on lock down.

3. Leave the old, sleazy sales tactics behind.


You will:

1. Focus on your own personal goals.

2. Set measurable daily targets for new prospecting activity.

3. Learn how to start a conversation and keep it going with new prospects – even your dream clients!


And most of all, you’ll have fun doing it with the support and input from a group as well as my personal guidance! There has never been a time in recent history where individuals are more likely to answer a phone call and have a conversation with you than NOW! By investing in yourself today, these skills will serve you well into the future.


If you'd like to have a meaningful conversation with Jan about how she can help you grow your business, fill out the form below!

One last question. “When the dust clears, those who “hunkered down” and did not take action, will only pop their heads up when they hear the successful ones running past them to the finish line.” Where will you be?

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